This coming year, the international theater festival “Santiago a Mil” will also include Easter Island.  The artistic event, held every year in the month of January, will not only take over the streets, theaters and other public spaces of the capital city, but will offer a cultural exchange between artists from Rapa Nui and those of “Teatro a Mil”, sharing some of the more than 60 presentations that are to be offered by Chilean and international companies.  Two presentations by Rapa Nui groups will be offered in Santiago and two by international and continental Chilean groups on Easter Island.

This cultural exchange will offer stimulating creative material and experiences which could bring about an awaking and inspiration for the future development of the arts and culture of Rapa Nui.

On Rapa Nui, January 2017:

Mau Mapuche Ceremony:Lemi Ponifasio, director, choreographer, artist and designer from Samoa, will present this ritual performance which debuted in 2016, drawing from the music, dance and world view of the Mapuche people of southern Chile.

Yorick, the story of Hamlet:Yorick, the former fool from the court of the King, relates the tragedy of his friend, Prince Hamlet.  Staged by the actor Francisco Reyes and directed by Simón Reyes, it also counts with the participation of the classical singer Rocío Reyes.

On Santiago, January 2017:

Maori Tupuna: musicians and dancers who represent the essence of their culture in a fusion of song and rhythm with both modern and ancestral musical instruments.

Amahiro:a contemporary voice in communion with lyrics which relate the story and the feelings of an ancient people.