Edición OCTUBRE 2021

Ecological Catastrophe in Rapa Nui

The archaeologists Michele and Catherine Orliac, have focused, since 1976, their research on the evolution of the climate, the territorial organization and material culture of the ancient Polynesians. Since 1988, his works have reconstructed the history of the climate and vegetation of Rapa Nui since the first inhabitants arrived about a millennium ago. (Easter Island, history of the Rapanui people, 2018).

His research on the flora of Rapa Nui has shown that before 1650, 23 species of trees, bushes and shrubs grew on the island. Three of these woody trees reached 20 meters or more and another five reached 10 meters. After 1650, only 6 woody species remained, of which only two survived: the broussonetia or paper mulberry and the triumfetta, since their fibrous raw materials were used in the manufacture of clothing and ropes.




HonuiThe Rapanui Families Organize2016 was the 50th anniversary of the government of Chile establishing civil administration on Rapa Nui, after leasing it for 47 years to a British multi-national livestock firm, followed by 13 years under the administration and...

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