Fire in

Rano Raraku

On Tuesday, October 4 of this year, more than 100 hectares of the Rano Raraku area were seriously affected by a fire caused by the burning of pastures, which although it is customary to produce livestock feed, it is very easy for the fire to spread. escapes from the hands and becomes uncontrollable, which has caused permanent damage to the wetland and to the archaeological remains, a patrimonial crime punishable by law. 

Pedro Lazo Hucke, Head of CONAF’s Forest Fire Department and Director of the Rapa Nui Fire Department, tells us that the island has a Forest Fire Protection Plan that involves prevention, a job that is done throughout the year, unlike what fire fighting is, which is seasonal. This plan is being restructured, especially in prevention, so that more institutions participate, because one of the most complicated issues is the scarcity of resources, both human and financial, to face these catastrophes, since there are 10 firefighters on land and 8 people from CONAF per season.






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