January 2020 Edition

The history of Moai & Pukao of Otago museum
Following almost 90 years of exhibition in the Otago Museum in New Zealand, it has been possible to study the origin of one Moai and Pukao (headdress) from Rapa Nui. These archaeological pieces, as archives indicate, were carried from Rapa Nui to Tahiti in 1881 by the merchant ship “Nautilus”, together with three crates of “curiosities” destined to Maison Brander in Pape’ete. Almost 50 years later, both were acquired by the Otago Museum and shipped from Tahiti to Aotearoa (New Zealand) to be exhibited in a new “Pacific Cultures Gallery” at the Otago Museum which was opened in April of 1930. 






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Ancestral Medicine on Rapa Nui

Ancestral Medicine on Rapa Nui

Nga RongoaAncestral Medicine on Rapa NuiWithin the philosophical world view of the Rapanui, good health is based on the union of man and nature, between life and death, in the present, the past and the future.Any mishap or disease has its origin in supernatural forces...

Octopus and Squid in Rapa Nui and other Pacific Islands

Octopus and Squid in Rapa Nui and other Pacific Islands

Octopus and Squid in Rapa Nui and other Pacific IslandsBy Sergio Carrasco, Universidad Católica del Norte, ESMOI, CoquimboOctopus and squid have appeared in the tales of migration throughout Polynesia since early times and are part of the relationships of commerce,...

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