The history of the REGENT OAK

The greatest shipwreck on Rapa Nui

200 nautical miles to the northwest of Rapa Nui, submerged in icy waters at several thousands of meters below the surface, is hidden one of the least known stories in the history of the Island.  It is the “Regent Oak”, a lumber carrier of 140 meters (460 feet) of length, which was en route from San Vicente, Chile, in direction to South Korea, laden with 6 thousand tons of pine logs.

The ship had to divert fom its normal route and come toward Rapa Nui on July 29, 1983, due to a serious accident suffered by a crew member who needed urgent medical assistance.  Unfortunately, due to a large swell that remained from a storm that passed through the night before, the ship’s anchor came loose and she ended up on the rocks.




HonuiThe Rapanui Families Organize2016 was the 50th anniversary of the government of Chile establishing civil administration on Rapa Nui, after leasing it for 47 years to a British multi-national livestock firm, followed by 13 years under the administration and...

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