Ballet Kari Kari

Cultural grouping with greater trajectory of Easter Island, with more than 18 years of existence. Founded by Lynn Rapu Tuki, winner for 15 consecutive years of the Tapati Rapanui.

About us

Our main objective is to rescue and value the most traditional dances and melodies of our ancestors, both Rapanui and Polynesian, and for that we have been training young artists for years, who later become part of our ballet, as musicians and dancers.

The Kari Kari Ballet invites you to enjoy its cultural spectacle and to know ancestral dances such as the Hoko (war dance), the Kai-Kai, the Sau-Sau or the Ute, which represent the most traditional way of life of our people, their beliefs and their history.


+569 42805388


Avenue Policarpo Toro, Hanga Roa,
Rapa Nui, Valparaíso 277000, Chile

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