Tapati Rapa Nui 2011

From the 3rd to the 12th of February, the traditional Tapati Rapa Nui was held.  This is an anual festival in which the families form alliances around two or three candidates for Queen, participating in cultural events and artistic and athletic competitions in an attempt to  garner the greatest number of points for their candidate.  On the day of the parade, there are floats which represent the history, the legends and the ancient customs of the Island.


This year the two candidates were Elisa Vairoa del Carmen Atan-Mena, who presented under her nickname of Pua, and the winner, Mahaki Pakomio-Tepano.  The sponsors of both candidates, Aru Kiara Vaikireangi Pate and Maria Rosario Haoa, together with their families, began months before to prepare the costumes and to train for the competitions which require high levels of artistic ability and physical stamina.  It is all done happily with unity, effort and hard work, in which the tourists are most welcome to join.  This year, the parade was specially notable for the overwhelming participation of Chilean and foreign tourists.

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