Iluminating Moai Ahu Riata

Rapa Nui joins the world campaign against breast cancer

On last September 11, the Moai (statue) at Ahu Riata, located at Hanga Piko Cove, was lighted up in pink, making it a highlight in the launch of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016, which was projected from Easter Island to the entire world.

With diverse rituals and cultural manifestations, and in the presence of executives of The Estée Lauder Company, global sponsor of this crusade, and their Ambassador, Cecilia Bolocco (Miss Universe 1987), a cooperative agreement was signed between the local Hospital Hanga Roa and the (Chilean) National Cancer Institute to supply specialists for early diagnosis and to lower the numbers of this dread disease.  LATAM Airlines, which is actively participating in this campaign, has painted the pink ribbon, the symbol of the crusade, on their planes which will fly throughout Chile and South America in the month of October.  The illumination of the Moai at Ahu Riata has become one of the iconic messages, along with the illumination of the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France), the Empire State Building (New York City) and the White House (Washington, D.C.).