The “Teatro a Mil” Festival comes to Rapa Nui

For the first time, following negotiations between the Teatro a Mil Foundation and the Municipality of Isla de Pascua, the Rapanui people, the resident community and tourists can participate in the theater festival which will take place in Hanga Roa in January of 2017.  Two presentations will be offered; “Mau Mapuche”, by the Samoan-New Zealander choreographer and director Lemi Ponifasio, and the monologue “Yorick, the Story of Hamlet”, with the actor Francisco Reyes and directed by Simón Reyes.

In reciprocal presentations, Rapa Nui will offer in Santiago, at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center – GAM, the groups of musicians and dancers Maori Tupuna and Amahiru.  This festival has been held in Santiago during the month of January since 1994 to the present.  The upcoming version will be titled “2017 WITHOUT BORDERS”.