Ahu Te Pito Kura is the last important archaeological center of importance on the northern shore before reaching Ovahe beach.  It is a platform of almost 100 meters (328 feet) in length, formed of great blocks of basaltic rock, worked and adjusted with great artistry to support a single Moai (statue), called Moai o Paro, which, at 9.45 meters (31 feet)in height, was the largest that was ever raised on an Ahu (ceremonial platform)without counting a Pukao (headdress).  Around 1840, this colossus was thrown down in tribal conflicts.  Around the site, ruins of ancient human settlements can be discerned.

To the western side of Te Pito Kura is the enigmatic stone sphere known as Te Pito te Henua, the navel of the world.  According to legend, Te Pito te Henua was brought by the legendary king Hotu Matua from his homeland of Hiva.  Today people assure that this sphere, slightly flattened on the poles and 48 centimeters(19 inches)high, projects from its interior the powerful force of Mana (spiritual power); the truth is that it does show alterations in its magnetic field.