Rapa Nui – The Mystery Lives

A Message from the Easter Island Chamber of Tourism

Rapa Nui, the land of mystery and living history, where you can experience the natural and cultural wealth in one of the most beautiful and intriguing places on our planet. Today more than ever the island vibrates with its ancestors, where we are preparing to receive them at the safest time for everyone. From our island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we raise all our Mana so that you can live the best of experiences. Let’s take care of ourselves so we can see each other soon. MAURURU !!

Ana Hue Neru

Ana Hue Neru

Ana Hue NeruThe Caverns to whiten the YoungLas Cavernas para blanquear a Jóvenes As far back as the late 19th Century, various expeditions have attempted to unravel the mysteries of the Rapanui culture through archaeological research and the oral traditions of the...

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