The Beach of the Red Skies

The beach at Ovahe, previously called Rangi Mea Mea or Red Skies, has formed in the base of an ancient volcanic crater of which one side, worn away by the tides and erosion, has sunk into the sea.  The ebb and flow of the waves has covered the base with fine coralline sand. On warm summer days, the transparent waters of Ovahe present beautiful tones of turquoise, which combined with the rustic natural surroundings, make this beach a favorite spot of Islanders and visitors.  

Unfortunately, last July a strong storm stripped the beach, leaving it without any sand and uncovering a human bone, a femur which had been dislodged from its original burial spot when the waves broke up the cliff face.  It is hoped that nature will be generous and return the pink sands, as it did after a similar occurrence in 2010.