Haka Ara Ora ONG Toki

Haka Ara Ora ONG Toki

Haka Ara Ora

A Living Legacy

The story of the NGO Toki Rapa Nui begins in 2012 with the dream of 9 young professional Rapanuis who felt the call of their homeland and joined together to create a foundation that would allow them to contribute to their beloved island. The principal vision was to preserve the Rapanui world view and transmit the values of their valuable ancestral culture to the children and young people of the Island. The first project of the organization was the School of Music and Arts, lead by the Rapanui pianist and one of the founders of Toki, Mahani Teave.
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How does the dream to create a School of Music begin?

“If you have a talent for an instrument, but there is no school, you have two options : you abandon the gift that you have and live frustrated with all its consequences or you travel far away to be able to develop it, but with all the loss that this implies. We have a living culture, where art and music is part of everyday life, however, there was no school that could offer a systematic development of talents. That is what TOKI wanted to change! We are convinced that art and music are powerful instruments of social transformation which can teach values of respect, discipline, perseverance, collaboration and teamwork. Probably many of the
students will not go on to be professional musicians, but music will influence their lives, help keep them away from drugs and alcohol and improve their self-esteem. As they see their advances, they will realize that, with effort and perseverance in life, they are capable of achieving what they want”, comments Mahani Teave, and she continues:

“It has been a story of magic, miracles and infinite
effort. In 2012, we began teaching music in spaces that were generously loaned by the community, until, finally, and thanks to the collaboration of thousands of people from all over the world, today we have our own School of Music with classrooms and the proper instruments. Today there are free, permanent classes of classical instruments, as well as traditional, ancestral instruments, such as the ukelele, as a method of fortifying the use of the
Rapanui language. With 12 professors and 100 students, we are able to benefit the entire community with many free artistic activities and cultural exchanges.”

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Earthship Biotecture Sustainable Construction


The construction of the classroom building began in 2014. The model was selected as a solution to environmental problems on the Island. The project was lead by one of the founders and current President of Toki, Enrique Icka, musician, construction engineer and the director in charge of sustainability. The building, of 800 mts2 (8,600 sq.ft.), received the National Prize for the Environment in 2015 and was built under the concept of Earthship Biotecture. Developed by the American, Michael Reynolds, who is known world-wide as the “Garbage Warrior”, the project was brought to life together with a team from Earthship Biotecture, as a single story in the shape of a flower with 8 petals that were built as a self-sustaining unit, combining basic materials (cement, soil, straw) with recyclable rubbish (tens of thousands of aluminum cans and glass bottles, thousands of old tires and tons of carton). This type of construction also utilizes solar panels, rain water collectors and resolves the problem of waste water.

“More than a thousand volunteers from many different nationalities have passed through the School, helping to build or in other projects. We have made alliances with some universities on the continent and are constantly looking to develop
collaborative efforts which will strengthen the bonds and create support networks for the various projects that we still want to undertake. Our concept is that, if we can face problems that are world-wide with solutions on an island level, we can serve as a reference and an inspiration for other places,” states Enrique Icka.




The ONG Toki does not count with permanent financing. For that reason, the staff is small and, to be able to cover all their projections, they are in constant search for new lines of funding. If you wish to help, visit us.

1.- Get to know and live the experience of Sustainable Tourism Toki; learn about music, art, sustainable construction, agro-ecology, Umanga or teamwork and much more. Your entry fee will help to maintain free classes for the children.

2.-If you wish to collaborate on a more permanent
basis with a monthly donation, you can become part of the “Collaborating Friends of Toki” by sending a message to: contacto@tokirapanui.org for information on how to proceed. Toki is covered under the Chilean law for tax benefits.

3.-Acquire products from our garden, souvenirs or
a Toki ukelele. In this manner, you will have a nice memory of Rapa Nui as well as contributing to this great project. In addition, if your profession or work is within our areas, you can donate hours of collaborative labor.

“In a period when the planet is being taken ever
more to its limits, Toki is a place of inspiration, a space for inclusion and creation. Hands from the entire world have created it and the beautiful energy of all these people is in its walls. It is proof that, uniting our efforts by working together, dreams can become realities. Just as in the past our ancestors sculpted the moai with a basalt tool called a Toki, today we can all be a Toki, crafting our lifetime into a legacy for all the coming generations.”

Reserve your visit directly with Carolina Campos
Cel.: +569 31957648 – www.tokirapanui.org – Facebook: Toki Rapa Nui

Twitter: @tokirapanui – Instagram: toki.rapanui – Youtube: ONG Toki


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