Gorgeous Mural at Hanga Roa o Tai Cove

Strengthening a tradition that fully represents the Rapanui people, called “Umanga Mo te Kainga”, based on unity and communal efforts, is one of the primary objectives of the project “Mi Isla – Mi Patrimonio (My Island – My Heritage)”, which is an attempt to develop artistic and cultural activities in public spaces. The first stage was completed with a mural 20 meters (65 feet) long on a wall at Hanga Roa o Tai Cove.

The mural, painted by the local artist Cristian Silva-Araki, brings back memories of good times in older days, when families congregated in this lovely area, which is today a central tourist attraction for Chileans and foreigners.  This project falls within the Plan for Social Management of the “Quiero mi Barrio (I love my neighborhood)” Program and was proposed by the area residents and businesses, showing their concern for the loss of beauty in community spaces.