Live with Amu’a an unforgettable experience through cultural activities, personalized, educational, entertaining and with a high Rapa Nui content.

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Productions and cultural management Rapa Nui

Amu’a is a local undertaking of Beto Tepano Rapu as an artist, guide, carver, musician, among other skills and Margarita Cáceres, Tourism Engineer as a rapa nui continental couple, invite us to live an unforgettable experience through cultural activities, personalized , educational, entertaining and with a high rapa nui content.

In 2010, Amu’a was born, due to the need to create services where Beto as a Rapa Nui man could share his experiences and maintain, rescue, conserve and transmit knowledge that he maintains by family tradition and his experiences as an islander born and raised in Rapa Nui, what allows him to maintain his offices and preservation of his culture.

With this objective in common, with Margarita, in charge of administrative matters, they are a team that complements and innovated in offering visitors who are interested in this culture, like to be in contact with the environment and to live new experiences, educate themselves and learn from the rapa nui and their land through the practice of activities that will allow them to live and experience being a rapa nui through personalized experiences or services.


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Te Hoe manu S/N, Rapa Nui, Valparaíso 277000, Chile

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Magnetism on Rapa Nui

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